Thoughts on Collaboration

•January 29, 2009 • 4 Comments

(This is written entirely with regard to my experiences with the Verge community, though I imagine it applies elsewhere. YMMV.)

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you have corralled a group of talented people together, and everyone is incredibly enthused about your game. Brainstorming is incredibly productive. You jam out a rock solid concept and get to work immediately. Two weeks later, everyone has either flaked out, quit or dropped off the face of the earth. Maybe you, too, have been wrapped up in other projects or with your actual job or school. Your game has gone from 0 to 60 to 0 in an astounding amount of time. These two week sprints work out pretty well for contests. Just as teams are reaching the point of collapse, the game is finished anyway. But if you’re planning an epic RPG, this is disastrous.

This isn’t the only thing that happens to game teams, of course. Some survive for quite some time. But ultimately the only games that have ever been considered “completed” by Verge community members have been largely one-man shows with the occasional contribution. At the time of this writing, I’m not aware of any fully completed games that have been developed by a team. Why is this?

Nobody plans, that’s why.

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Mirror’s Edge

•July 11, 2008 • 1 Comment

So, for whatever reason, this particular generation of console games has held very little of interest to me. There have been a couple of games here and there that I’d like to get around to playing some day, but I haven’t gotten that twinge of excitement I got when I was waiting for Valve to throw the switch on Steam to let me into Orange Box for the first time. Apart from messing around with whatever the new hotness is for a couple of hours on my housemate’s 360 downstairs, I have let this console gen pass me by so far. I’ve been playing stuff on my computer and my DS without feeling like I’m missing out on anything in particular.

Then I saw this and that all changed. I cannot wait to get my hands on this. I first saw this trailer a while ago, but just now read Scooter’s new preview over at 1up and now I am furiously into it.

The parts that make me require it:

In the Serenity universe, Whedon said, “The empire isn’t evil — it just thinks it’s right and can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to live by its rules.” O’Brien says that at a particular point in the commentary, Whedon noted that “you can’t make other people live by your rules of society, even if your society is better” — and that turn of phrase actually serves as the main catalyst for the concept and feel of the city in [Mirror’s Edge].

That’s one of the central issues of the game: How much freedom are you willing to give up for a comfortable life? So there are people on the outer edge of the city who have an inherent distrust of technology, which is where the concept of Runners.

Oh yeah. This is my jam.

Stick Ninja activity

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Posted a status update on coding, as well as a little design blurb. Link’s on the right!

PART of a new Cabedge chapter.

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I got the first little segment of Prison Break up tonight. I’ll be adding more tomorrow or perhaps NOT tomorrow.

I keep putting off Stick Ninja work. I’m at an annoying place with it where I have to sort of hack together some different things that other people wrote and get them working together before I can move on to actual content, which is pretty much my least favorite programming task of all time. It’s the grunt-work before I’m allowed to be creative. I don’t like it. I’ll force myself. Soon. Or someone else can force me! That works too.

Thank You, Patron Saint of Video Games

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Chrono Trigger on DS?

Here’s a countdown page, and a 1up news story confirming. Apparently there’s scans floating aruond out there somewhere, but I have yet to see them. Someone hook me up.

On the Docket

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New chapter in Cabedge should be going up tonight. PRISON BREAK. WOO.

Welcome. To zumpzonecom.

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You can do anything at zumpzonecom. The only limit is yourself.